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About WJG Business Concepts

WJG Business Concepts is a consulting firm specializing in improving results by improving the performance of your company by using result driven processes. We facilitate processes in:

  • Leadership
  • Executive Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategic Thinking
  • Time Management
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Sales

We also help companies better understand their employees and themselves by administering a series of assessment tools. The first one is Dr. Marston’s DISC Index. DISC is Dr. Marston’s groundbreaking work into understanding a person’s natural and adaptive behavioral styles. It is the HOW of success. The second one is VALUES. Values are a combination of the works of Dr. Spranger and Dr. Allport. The values index measures the motivational drivers in individuals. It’s the WHY of why people do things. The third one is ATTRIBUTE INDEX. Attribute index is from the work of Dr. Robert Hartman. Attribute Index measures three areas of how people make decisions both consciously and sub consciously. It’s the WHAT people are going to do. The last evaluation tool is called DIALOG (Data Indicating Alignment of Organizational Goals). DIALOG is an organizational assessment tool that provides information as to how well critical elements are working together to achieve business and strategic goals.

For more information about CUSTOMER LOYALTY, or to follow what we are doing in relation to loyalty solutions, please read our blog by following this link.


About William Griffith

Bill Griffith has completed and fulfilled all the necessary qualifications of Facilitation Certification from Resource Associates and has been awarded the title of Certified Facilitator and proudly joins a handful of selected individuals across the nation to achieve this designation.

After receiving Facilitation Certification Bill went on and became certified in the administration and interpretation of the Resource Associates Attribute Index, DISC and Values Index. With the Certification in these instruments WJG Business Concepts has the ability to use these assessment tools to help companies take a unique look at their business to provide a powerful way to maximize their human capital-Their People.

These assessments will help individuals identify how they prefer to behave and why they are motivated to do things. By having a better understanding of the motivation behind their behaviors, individuals can better align their environment with what creates the most passion for them and select the work that ensures more meaning and success and produce less stress while doing it. Organizations can benefit from this alignment enabling them to create high performance teams.
The end result after applying these assessments and processes to your business has one goal to achieve, IMPROVED RESULTS!
























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